Doors For IKEA Cabinetry

doors for ikea cabinets

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old cabinet doors on your existing IKEA cabinets, or you want new doors using new IKEA cabinets, Swedish Door can help you get exactly what you want.

Swedish Door has a complete line of doors, drawer fronts, panels/gables and other components that are fully compatible with IKEA Sektion kitchen cabinets, Akurum (2003-2015) cabinets, Godmorgan, Besta and PAX cabinet systems. Our custom cabinet doors and components for IKEA cabinets are the highest quality available in the industry, and they will give your project that truly custom look.

What type of IKEA kitchen cabinets do I have?

The IKEA Akurum cabinet system was discontinued in 2015 and replaced with the new IKEA Sektion cabinet system. If you have an IKEA kitchen made and installed before 2015, you likely have an Akurum system. A quick and easy way to check is to look at the holes inside your cabinets. See the diagram below.


I Need Doors for New “Sektion” IKEA Cabinets

As of 2015 IKEA changed their kitchen cabinet line to the new SEKTION model. If you are planning a renovation using new IKEA Cabinets you’re in the right spot.

I Need Doors for Discontinued “Akurum” (2003 – 2015) IKEA Cabinets

If you have a pre-existing IKEA kitchen installed between 2003-2015 start here to get new doors to reface your discontinued IKEA AKURUM cabinet system.

Let's Get Started

plan your doors for ikea cabinets

Order Swedish Door samples and then use the IKEA™ Kitchen Planner Tool to create your kitchen plan, save your plans as a PDF.

place order for doors for ikea cabinets

Submit your kitchen planner files and tell us which Swedish Door custom cabinet doors and components you would like.

get quote doors for ikea cabinets

We will get back to you within 5 business days with your quote. Once you finalize your Swedish Door package, order your IKEA™ cabinets.

We ship anywhere in North America. You can install our products yourself, work with your own installer, or use one of our installation partners available in your area.

Step 1


1. Order Samples

Order Swedish Door material samples, visit one of our showrooms or a Swedish Door partner showroom for a consultation.

2. Measure Your Space

Measure your project space to make it easier to plan for your new cabinet sizes and placement.

3. Create Your Plans

Visit an IKEA store to find the perfect cabinet solution for you. For new kitchens use their online Kitchen Planner and save your completed kitchen plans as a PDF. Swedish Door will use the item list and kitchen plans to create the perfect custom cabinet door package for you.

Step 2

Review & Submit

Review Your New IKEA™ Kitchen Plans

Review the IKEA kitchen plans you created in step 1 and make sure you have all the cabinet boxes you need for your renovation. Fill out the Swedish Door quote form and let us know the cabinet door style, material, colour, components and hardware you need along side your IKEA kitchen plan PDF’s and we’ll build your Swedish Door custom cabinet door package.

Submit the Order Form

Step 3

Quote & Get Prepared

1. Your Quote

Once we receive your quote form and kitchen plans you will get a free quote within 5 business days. We will contact you regarding questions and suggestions to help give you the best custom cabinet door package possible.

2. Order your Cabinet Boxes from IKEA

Now that your new Swedish Door custom Ikea cabinet doors are ordered, it’s time to order your new IKEA cabinet boxes. Be sure to order your package without doors, drawer fronts, panels and other components now that Swedish Door has your custom look covered! 

Step 4

Shipping & Install

1. Delivery

Once your order is complete we will notify you with your tracking information. Often times large orders will be shipped using a pallet service. Please plan accordingly.

2. Unpack & Install

Our products will arrive pre-drilled to your specifications making our products DIY accessible. If you need help with installation or design reach out to our regional partners for help.

Doors for Ikea Cabinets - Kitchen Cabinet Doors
3. Enjoy!

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of your very own custom styled Swedish Door kitchen.

white oak ikea kitchen

Our Cabinet Door Catalogue

Browse our catalogue to view our wide variety of Ikea compatible custom cabinet doors and components.