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Cabinet Doors Made in Canada
From the very beginning, Swedish Door was conceived from a blend of great designers, state-of-the-art manufacturing, the highest-quality materials and finishes.

Paul St-Germain and his team have been in custom cabinetry for over 35 years. They saw a need where clients could use a more cost effective cabinetry package, such as IKEA and big box store cabinetry, and blend it with customized doors and components to get a personalized look while managing the budget.

How is Swedish Door different from other cabinet door manufacturers?

What sets us apart from other manufacturers is the finishing of our painted and clear finished products. We apply two coats of primer and two coats of polyurethane paint to all of our painted doors. Our industry-leading finishing booths are temperature, pressure and humidity-controlled in a contaminant-free environment to give your doors a smooth and durable finish that is not only beautiful, but provides a truly custom look and feel to your project.


Thermofoil Kitchen White Aart Shaker
new ikea kitchen renovation

With a wide variety of stylish colours to choose from, chances are you can find just the right colour for your project. If you can’t find that perfect colour from our collection, choose a custom colour from any manufacturer including Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Behr, Sherwin-Williams and more.

How much does Swedish Door cost?

See below for our Example Kitchen Pricing

8' x 10' Inline Kitchen

Ikea Voxtorp
$ 1200

Swedish Door

TESS in Painted HDF
$ 3500
AART in Painted HDF
$ 3800
TESS in Maple Veneer
$ 4000
AART in 5 Piece Wood
$ 4700

* Prices do not include cost of cabinet boxes.

10' x 10' L-Shape Kitchen

Ikea Voxtorp
$ 2800

Swedish Door

TESS in Painted HDF
$ 4900
AART in Painted HDF
$ 5500
TESS in Maple Veneer
$ 5600
AART in 5 Pc Solid Wood
$ 6700

* Prices do not include cost of cabinet boxes.

Aart Shaker Cabinet Door

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