Sachi is a Swedish Door design partner servicing Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Sachi is a Swedish Door design partner located in Old Ottawa South and has done business with clients in Ottawa areas such as The Glebe, Alta Vista, New Edinburgh and Hintonburg/Mechanicsville and Westboro. Often downtown neighbourhoods and older homes.

Sachi’s process begins with scheduling an initial consultation. During that consultation Vanessa takes pictures, measurements and finds out what the homeowners are looking for. The second stage is creating a “design plan”. With sketch up they create a layout with finishes, furniture, lighting, colours, and fine details.

Once the homeowner is settled on the layout and the finishes etc. they can use Sachi’s plans to find a contractor who can give them an accurate price for the work or they can proceed on their own. Though it’s no secret we recommend using the Swedish Door Partner map to find a contractor in your area.

Please contact Sachi for your design quote.

Sachi Design

Vanessa Riddell
Available by Appointment Only
Ottawa, ON, K1S 2Z6
(613) 866-6604